Azure Runes

Bonedancers and Skylions

The war continues for the Heartlands Stalwarts

"Varg rejoins his companions after days of cleaning latrines. Acting upon Sir Halmar’s orders, the squad now led by Sigvard confronts the traitor Bishop, who turns out to be a cleric of Bane, in the graveyard where he is raising undead. The party defeat the Banites and skeletons but Bishop escapes in the gloom of the night.

When they return to the camp, the orcs and Uthgardt make a coordinated assault. The Lords’ Alliance ranks hold fast and the adventurers fight like heroes, killing many foes.

After rest, it is early afternoon when the squad is ready to act again. Led by Sergeant Rand on a special mission, they head back to the Northsilver area where spies have informed Sir Halmar that an Uthgardt chieftain, Kralgar Bonesnapper, has been forced to ground after his griffon was wounded. But as they are fording the treacherous first crossing, one of Kralgar’s airborne bodyguards jumps them and though Audrey puts an arrow in the barbarian’s eye, the enraged griffon manages to kill Rand.

It takes the group some time to conceal the bodies and then they foolishly decide to rest; perhaps their grief led them to forget that time was fleeting. Kralgar has been rescued by the time they reach the outcropping of rocks where the griffon went down. They return to the camp before dawn and behold the army on the brink of disaster, after another combined attack caused grievous losses."

Detail, see Varg’s Journal, Part Two: Bonedancers and Skylions



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