Azure Runes

The Siege of Mirabar

A false prophet is exposed, and a sinister conspiracy unmasked

Sigvard together with Sir Halmar and Jeric Wolfslayer, the chieftain of the friendly Sky Pony tribe, hatch a desperate scheme. Along with Audrey, Liam, and Aramelle, he infiltrates the Uthgardt horde’s camp in disguise, speaking Illuskan as if he were a barbarian and finding an ally in Kierkrad Seventoes, wiseman of the Thunderbeast. Audrey manages to steal evidence from Gundaric’s command tent, exposing him as an agent of the Cult of the Dracolich, a secret worshipper of Bane, and a Luskanite master of deception who has fooled the gullible tribes into believing him a prophet of Uthgar. The heroes present the evidence to the tribal shamans, who deliberate late into the night…

Detail, see Sigvard’s Account of the Siege of Mirabar, Part I

Now inside Mirabar, Sigvard, Audrey and Liam join forces to aid the city’s defense. They meet with the Archbishop Narran at the city’s Archdiocese of Tyr, who introduces them to Stolz and Vargkom; the two dwarves had come on an errand from the shrine of Moradin. At dawn, the barbarian assault begins in all its fury…

Detail, see Audrey’s Tale of the Battle for Mirabar



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