Azure Runes

Northsilver Crossing

Amid a bitter retreat, the Heartlands scouts' finest hour

Battle of Northsilver Crossing begins with an orc ambush on the 15th Waterdeep’s camp at night. Sygvard and Liam Grimsson help Rand’s squad to survive the battle and together they slay many orcs. Later Sir Halmar tasks them with a scouting mission.

As the fighting rages on, Rand al’thor and his companions help the regiment to find an alternate river crossing and escape. They cut their way through scores of orcs and barbarians, and capture Tanta, an Uthgardt shaman of the Elk Tribe.

Meanwhile near Mirabar, in the aftermath of the weary and battered 15th Waterdeep Regiment’s “strategic withdrawal” from the ruined bridge at Northsilver Crossing, Rand al’Thor and his squad are singled out for special merits. Rand is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant by Baron Kastoros.

Detail, see journal entries by Aramelle and Liam



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