Elven Wizard-- RIP


Wiz 4


Aramelle’s Tale
So being a young elf and just finishing up my magic studies, I looked for a place to practice my skills and build a reputation. (besides I was broke and out of money) I had heard about this big ol’ war and decided that I might head up that way and see if anything was still going on. As luck would have it, my first day in town I ran into these recruiters who seemed to be offering a lot of coin for what sounded like a long hike with a fight or two. Since it was part of the irregular forces they said we wouldn’t be doing much of the fighting, just looking around a coming back and telling the Generals where the other guys were.

Sounded good to me, figures, I should have paid attention to my history lessons more. I’m good at it, I just forget to look at my life with history in mind. ie. Irregular forces meet in small engagements on a frequent basis, and usually end up surrounded and overwhelmed by much greater numbers. It’s right there in that history book I read…now why is it that I didn’t think of that when I signed on with this group of mercenaries?

So I figure the best thing to do now is stay out of sight, not get hit and just work on learning more magic. With time and practice I should be able to get some stronger spells that are more useful.


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