Argent Miller


Level 2 Cleric


Human cleric of Selune from the Silver Marches, west of the Sword Coast North.

"Argent grew up in a small town in Silverymoon. he and his family were
not particularly rich, and his father was a mercenary who had lost a
hand in a battle and received a small stipend for the injury and then
retired to become a farmer. Life in their little town was very quiet
for the first 15 years of Argent’s life. His father, mother and
younger sister lived a boring life to be honest, but they had enough
to eat and their town was relatively peaceful. Most of his time was
spent reading books while watching their little flock of scrawny sheep
graze on hills and fields.

Then one stormy day in August, their little farm was attacked by tribe
of marauding half-orcs. Argent was far away from the farm, tending the
flock, and as he was walking home saw smoke rising from their little
farmhouse. Inside he found his mother dead with a half a dozen arrows
in her. Round back he found his dad, decapitated, but still holding
his rusty old mercenary’s shortsword in his one good hand. His sister
was badly wounded and though he rushed back to town to find a doctor,
she didn’t live through the night.

Argent couldn’t stay in the little town after that. he sold what few
possessions remained and walked three days to the nearest Selune
monastery. He offered the monks what little money he had if they’d
teach him how to heal people - if he’d had that ability, he told
them, he’d have been able to save his sister at least. Moved, the
monks accepted him and taught him the cleric’s vocation for five years.
When he turned 20, they encouraged him to take what he learned and
return to the world. They could tell he was a young man with normal
desires, and he had put the traumatic event of his family behind him
as best anyone could. He, too, knew he couldn’t stay in the monastery
forever, so he struck out on his own. After a year or so of solo
traveling, he met his friend Tosscobble the stouthearted halfling on
an adventuring job, shortly before the beginning of our campaign."

Argent Miller

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