Cian of Guenrudoc

The Argent Sage


Male Tiefling Evoker 6

S 8
D 12
C 14
I 20
W 14
C 5

Alternative Class Features:
Focused Specialist
Immediate Magic (replaces Summon Familiar)
Spontaneous Divination (replaces 5th Level Bonus Feat)

Spellcasting Prodigy
Combat Casting
Spell Focus (Evocation)

*note these are his stats when he was a PC, these may no longer be accurate.


Cian was raised by a cloistered order of priests of Oghma. The priests were librarians, scribes and scholars who shut themselves away from the world in a fortified keep called Guenrudoc Abbey. Cian’s mother was pregnant with him when she came to the Abbey seeking sanctuary. Apparently, she escaped from a cult who seemed to be kidnapping women of certain bloodlines. The order did not have any women, and while they were discussing what to do with her, she went into labor. The woman died in childbirth but the child survived. He was born possessed by a fiend. He had an Azure Rune branded on him, his eyes were open and he was speaking Infernal promising death and ruin to all and sundry. The priests used their magic to banish the fiend and, to keep it from repossessing the child, they tattooed him with protective sigils and glyphs.

They named him Cian and he became a part of the Abbey. His primary caretaker was Brother Darmid, who raised him like his own son. Brother Darmid was one of the Abbey scribes and a master illuminator who taught Cian a little of his craft. The order did a successful job of hiding Cian from the cult for many years but in the end they finally found him. They attacked the Abbey but did not overrun the place yet many brothers died in the battle, including Brother Darmid. Cian decided to leave the Abbey to keep them safe and the abbot, a very learned man, told him to seek out the wizard Orestian, the Burning Sage, so that he would learn more of his origins and that of the cult.

He met up with a group of adventurers who were also seeking the Burning Sage and all of them had an Azure Rune. They learned what they could and with the demise of the Burning Sage, Cian decided to take his place. Taking advantage of the mutable nature of the Sage’s domain, he has been recreating the Obsidian Keep into the Crystal Tower.

His focus on force magic and divination has earned him the sobriquet, the Argent Sage.

His lanky frame is covered with tattoos that anyone with knowledge of arcana or religion (or the planes) will recognize as glyphs and sigils that ward against devils and demons.

His irises are solid black like chips of obsidian and his pale skin is cool, almost cold to the touch. This and his bone-white hair indicate his infernal heritage. When he casts a spell his eyes become entirely black.

Cian of Guenrudoc

Azure Runes Guenrudoc