Dumiel Tosscobble

Stoutheart Halfling wizard


Level 5 wizard


Dumiel is a Stoutheart Halfling wizard from Cedarspoke on the Dragon Coast. He worships Mystra, Goddess of Magic.

-Parents: Servants of the druid leader of our town, Zalaznar Crinios
-Previous occupation: Alchemist, have been studying wizadry since childhood because of my sharp wit and nimble grace was noticed by Zalaznar as a youngster. That is why I have knowledge of nature.
-Reason for adventuring: To prove myself worthy to the trust Zalaznar placed in me as a future leader of our town.
-Personal traits: Goofy, curious, thoughtless at times

Joined the Company of the Runes at Doryn and adventured with them to the Crags Copper Mines followed by other exploits.

Arrested in Luskan for arson and disturbing public order, released on bail after Nym Moondown and Torn Paiso bribed the Thunder Fist enforcers at the prison and paid compensation to the building owner.

Ambushed in Port Llast, currently MIA

Dumiel Tosscobble

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