Stolz Eikenskald

Dwarven cleric/ranger from Mirabar


17857 XP

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Worships Moradin, Father of Dwarvenkind.

“Stolz Eikenskald, son of Tubort of the Stonefinger Clan grew up with him uncle Bruni the Hunter after the passing of his parents at young age (15?). Bruni spend a great deal of his time above the surface bartering with other races, but taught Stolz about the tracking and hunting craft in the caves that were familiar to the Stonefinger Clan. Stolz didn’t remember too much about his parents, but for their deep religiousness and their strong faith in Moradin, especially compared to his uncles very open and almost “atheistic” nature. He was always thinking, that if he could learn more about Moradin’s teachings that could bring him closer to his parents. Eventually he met a wandering dwarven cleric by the name of Agost Copperskull from the Rumblegut clan offered to teach him more about Moradin and his relation to the dwarvenkind. Stolz was very eager to learn more and Bruni openly unhappy, but respected his beloved nephew’s choice. Hence, Stolz as a young dwarf of 43 went to travel to the west to the reaches of the Rumblegut Clan. Soon they discovered that Stolz was gifted by Moradin, allowing Stolz’s prayers to be answered and Stolz spend the next 8 years with the Rumbleguts, until…"

Stolz was outside scouting the Crags and communing with Moradin, when Da’treaal Achria and his troglodytes attacked the Rumblegut copper mine. After the mine was liberated by the other adventurers, the Rumbleguts enlisted him to reconnoiter the area for any remaining danger, and to aid with re-establishing the dwarves’ shrine to their deity. At the end of his contract, he decided to accompany the adventurers to Doryn along with the dwarves’ convoy.

Stolz Eikenskald

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