Torn Paiso

Fighter from the Moonshae Isles


Level 5 Fighter/Barbarian


They have proved their mettle in battle, and their friends now know them simply as “the brothers.” They are from a Northlander family and their father, having seen too many warriors killed in the ceaseless and petty internecine wars of the Isles, sought to teach his sons a humble but decent living as fishermen now that the new High King had decreed a lasting peace between Northlanders and Ffolk. But Torn, with his lust for battle and glory, and Artash, with his yearning to wander the wild-lands of Faerun and explore new frontiers, could not be restrained, and they set forth to adventure. Dropping anchor in Luskan, the brothers headed for Mirabar to see if an old friend could help them start in business, and stopping to rest in Doryn, met a small kobold in need of heroes’ aid…

Artash Paiso is his brother.

his clansman Hrolfgar was a weapons merchant in Mirabar and murdered by members of the Bloody Hands pirate gang

currently a member of the Black Knives in Luskan

Torn Paiso

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