Azure Runes

A Warrior's Revenge
Torn Paiso takes on High Captain Kurth

Torn’s Journal

Luskan Burning
The Azure Riders in a city tearing itself apart

The Company of the Runes agree to become agents of Neverwinter. In this covert role they become involved in the bitter fighting between Luskan’s pirate factions, and begin to explore the haunted Ruins of Old Illusk…

Stolz’s Journal

The Portals of Illuskan
Gateways of an ancient civilization

Deep in the catacombs of Dol Carathil, the Azure Riders find and enter an arcane portal which takes them to Luskan, right under the evil Archmage’s nose.

A Dark Discovery
The conspiracy is worse than they thought

The Azure Riders journey back to Dol Carathil, explore the old fort’s catacombs and find a book written by the First Speaker of the Dracolich Cult…

The Assault on Dol Carathil
The Company of the Runes besieges a Banite fortress

Grave tidings have reached you in Mirabar. Harper spies working in collaboration with the Tyrran Church have learned that an elite sect of Banites, together with remnants of the Orc horde that was recently defeated, have taken over an ancient Illuskan fortress deep in the Spine of the World mountains, a fortress believed to hold a powerful arcane secret…

Sigvard Grimsson, paladin of the Maimed God and hero of the War of the False Prophet, has vowed to destroy the presence of Bane in this hidden fortress. He suspects that the dark necromancer Bishop is involved, and has decided to send a party of adventurers on a covert mission to reconnoiter the enemy defenses.

The Dance of the Dead

Part I
Detail, see Josef’s journal, Throndville By Night

Part II,
Detail, see Stubbs the Gnome’s Diary

The Siege of Mirabar
A false prophet is exposed, and a sinister conspiracy unmasked

Sigvard together with Sir Halmar and Jeric Wolfslayer, the chieftain of the friendly Sky Pony tribe, hatch a desperate scheme. Along with Audrey, Liam, and Aramelle, he infiltrates the Uthgardt horde’s camp in disguise, speaking Illuskan as if he were a barbarian and finding an ally in Kierkrad Seventoes, wiseman of the Thunderbeast. Audrey manages to steal evidence from Gundaric’s command tent, exposing him as an agent of the Cult of the Dracolich, a secret worshipper of Bane, and a Luskanite master of deception who has fooled the gullible tribes into believing him a prophet of Uthgar. The heroes present the evidence to the tribal shamans, who deliberate late into the night…

Detail, see Sigvard’s Account of the Siege of Mirabar, Part I

Now inside Mirabar, Sigvard, Audrey and Liam join forces to aid the city’s defense. They meet with the Archbishop Narran at the city’s Archdiocese of Tyr, who introduces them to Stolz and Vargkom; the two dwarves had come on an errand from the shrine of Moradin. At dawn, the barbarian assault begins in all its fury…

Detail, see Audrey’s Tale of the Battle for Mirabar

Bonedancers and Skylions
The war continues for the Heartlands Stalwarts

"Varg rejoins his companions after days of cleaning latrines. Acting upon Sir Halmar’s orders, the squad now led by Sigvard confronts the traitor Bishop, who turns out to be a cleric of Bane, in the graveyard where he is raising undead. The party defeat the Banites and skeletons but Bishop escapes in the gloom of the night.

When they return to the camp, the orcs and Uthgardt make a coordinated assault. The Lords’ Alliance ranks hold fast and the adventurers fight like heroes, killing many foes.

After rest, it is early afternoon when the squad is ready to act again. Led by Sergeant Rand on a special mission, they head back to the Northsilver area where spies have informed Sir Halmar that an Uthgardt chieftain, Kralgar Bonesnapper, has been forced to ground after his griffon was wounded. But as they are fording the treacherous first crossing, one of Kralgar’s airborne bodyguards jumps them and though Audrey puts an arrow in the barbarian’s eye, the enraged griffon manages to kill Rand.

It takes the group some time to conceal the bodies and then they foolishly decide to rest; perhaps their grief led them to forget that time was fleeting. Kralgar has been rescued by the time they reach the outcropping of rocks where the griffon went down. They return to the camp before dawn and behold the army on the brink of disaster, after another combined attack caused grievous losses."

Detail, see Varg’s Journal, Part Two: Bonedancers and Skylions

Northsilver Crossing
Amid a bitter retreat, the Heartlands scouts' finest hour

Battle of Northsilver Crossing begins with an orc ambush on the 15th Waterdeep’s camp at night. Sygvard and Liam Grimsson help Rand’s squad to survive the battle and together they slay many orcs. Later Sir Halmar tasks them with a scouting mission.

As the fighting rages on, Rand al’thor and his companions help the regiment to find an alternate river crossing and escape. They cut their way through scores of orcs and barbarians, and capture Tanta, an Uthgardt shaman of the Elk Tribe.

Meanwhile near Mirabar, in the aftermath of the weary and battered 15th Waterdeep Regiment’s “strategic withdrawal” from the ruined bridge at Northsilver Crossing, Rand al’Thor and his squad are singled out for special merits. Rand is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant by Baron Kastoros.

Detail, see journal entries by Aramelle and Liam

The Wrath of Gruumsh
Scouts of the Heartlands Stalwarts mercenaries make a terrifying discovery in the mountains

“Some scouts of the Lords’ Alliance army stumbled upon a dark cavern in
the Spine of the World mountains where they found an evil sacrificial
altar of Gruumsh. After destroying it and several desecrated zombies
they emerged only to find an Orcish horde marching in force down
through the mines valley towards the plains west of Mirabar.”

Detail, see journals by Varg and Aramelle


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