A Warrior's Revenge- Torn's Journal

Ship’s log of the Artash’s Wrath
1. Entry for 5 Uktar, 1372

After we set off from Luskan I made the crew come together and swear allegiance to me as the new captain. Also I renamed the ship from Bloodspiller to Artash’s Wrath in honor of my deceased brother, Tempus rest him, but now as dawn is coming and a red sun rises, I am not sure if it was a good idea to take command of the ship and set sail. Perhaps I should have given command to the crew to set off and come back in a week, while I stayed behind to take care of Baram myself. In the end I am the one able to get very close to him. But then, I could not trust these men; they serve me now, because I slew Kurth and they fear me, but they are still backstabbing scum.

The scum are very desperate. Many are wounded and still can’t believe that their Captain has been abruptly slain. I can’t celebrate my victory as I would like, because I need to be on my guard all the time. Most of Kurth’s officers are dead, but the remaining ones might challenge me in a weak moment. I think I will make that mouthy lieutenant walk the plank this afternoon to set an example.

Well, if everything goes well, I will come back in a week and the problem of Baram and Host Tower will be solved. I can claim the position of High Admiral of Luskan and make certain that the fighting will finally stop. I don’t know what do to with all the were-rats. They can rot in the sewers as far as I’m concerned. But there will be a lot of problems once I return. Luskan is no Harpers’ summer camp and will never be.

I still can’t believe how fast everything went when push came to shove. It seems almost simple to achieve my revenge after all this time seeking it, but if it wasn’t for Sigvard and that Thordred the Sorcerer, I might have waited another year to get my chance. That bloody Thordred, he was helpful indeed, but I won’t forgive him interfering with my duel, almost killing Kurth before I could cut down that son of a seahag. I also have to give some credit to the friends from Neverwinter and their marvellous teleportation stone.

Two days ago we took the stone to get back into the entrance of the ruins. Audrey and Sigvard’s orcish brother were also there. We made our way back to the city and went straight to the sewers. The sorcerer was complaining about the stench, but walking through the city is simply too risky with what we had in plan. Through that system were we didn’t encounter anything but for a few ghouls that Sigvard scared off, we made into the docks less than half a dozen blocks away from the ship. We took caution and time to get closer to the ship. After we places the teleportation anchor in the closest warehouse and went back to the hidden Tyr temple, I used the Tyrran’s other stone to go back to Baram and persuaded him to attack the Wall of the Dock district at midnight the next day. Telling him I will take Kurth’s head with some powerful mercenaries I know from the old days. Greed in his eyes he agreed to the plan and called for battle preparations.

Back in the hidden temple we also make our preparations for the next night. Neurik the dwarven Cleric of Tyr gave us some protection Spell to improve our armor for the next 12 hours and we went back to the ware house that was as we left it. From the window we could see the ship and Kurth was giving a speech to his men on this ship. We lay waiting until midnight and the promised attack of the Black Knives and then we struck! The attack came as promised and the alarm bell lured perhaps 60 more pirates from the ship into the dock district. I was praying to Tempus for the first time in my life asking for help in the coming battle, to complete my revenge or at least for a major part of it. If Tempus would help me I promised that I would ask him for help again in the future, and spill much blood in this battle to honor him.

We began our attack. Sigvard and myself flew over the deck like invisible whirlwinds cutting people left and right, as they could not see us under the effect of the Dust of Disappearance. Thordred, also invisible through magic spells, zapped the Bloody Hands with the Wand of Lighting. When Sigvard and I became visible again we were surrounded, but Tempus’s will and the crafty Neurik’s enchantments shielded us from a rain of enemy blows. I cut off the head of a huge ogre when two more ogres appeared from the lower deck. The battle was almost lost but Thordred blasted them with lightning to deadly effect. Sigvard battled a cleric and I drove the crowd before me, cleaving many, suddenly everything arround me burst in flames. The crazy sorcerer had a fireball centered on me that scorched me bad, but killed two of the bastards that tried to flank me, so I only had the last two badly damaged ogres to finish off. We had won an epic battle, on the deck of this ship just a few feet above where I am not, but Kurth was still alive.

We saw him going into the lower part of this ship from the warehouse earlier so we followed him after sealing off the other exit with a massive ogre corpse. We drank healing draughts to salve our wounds and Sigvard collected a shield that looked useful from the detritus of fallen arms about that deck. So we went down below and HE was waiting. Waiting with his other lieutenants, a bunch of freaks and undead, monsters, Shar clerics and elite cutthroats.

I challenged my enemy to a duel and gave him the chance to die with honor under my axe. The proud warrior accepted, ordering his men to stay out of the fight. We exchanges blow after blow, I hit him and he also smote me with fell blows, he was getting weaker when I got into my blood rage. This was when Sigvard caught the Shar cleric casting some spell on Kurth and Sigvard and Thordred entered the battle with Kurth’s servants. Actually I don’t remember very much from that or perhaps I didn’t sense anything else but for my own duel. Once or twice the room was shaking and twice light flashed from sorcerous fireballs, but in the end we prevailed. Kurth was dead, he was mumbling something as he died, but I couldn’t really hear that as my axe split open his skull. Ah, sweet revenge! Praise be to Lord Tempus, bringer of victory!

The crew now followed me, and we brought Five Fingers and Liam on board to reinforce our position. They took everything useful from Kurth’s great treasure hoard and we agreed that I would be back in a week. Then they used the beggar’s stone again to withdraw. That’s it. Now I am stuck here, but it feels good to have Kurth dead and the cold sea air in my nose. Let’s see what will happen in a week. Perhaps I will have to finish off Baram by myself in the end.

A Warrior's Revenge- Torn's Journal

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