Campaign History of Events

Summary of Events—Azure Runes

Active Player Characters:
Nym Moondown, an elven scout from Cormanthor
Sigvard Grimsson, a paladin of Tyr from Mirabar
Liam Grimsson, a half-orc druid of Silvanus
Audrey “Five-Fingers” MacKenzie, a halfling thief from Hill’s Edge
Stolz Eikenskald, a dwarven ranger and priest of Moradin

The story begins in the year 1372 DR, on the 2nd of Flamerule, the second summer month, in a town called Doryn a few days’ journey southwest of Mirabar.

2 Flamerule
Nym Moondown, an elf from Cormanthor, Torn and Bale-Artash Paiso, human brothers from the Moonshae Isles, Dumiel Tosscobble, a halfling wizard, and Argent, a human cleric from Silverymoon, meet outside Doryn and are asked to travel to the Crags to help Akara, a kobold, “free his people.”

4 Flamerule
The heroes turn the tables on a bandit ambush near the Wood of Woe (a smaller forest near Lurkwood) and capture Krista Ferns, half-elven rogue leader. They turn her over to the Longsaddle militia.

6 Flamerule
Josef Olson, human cleric from Baldur’s Gate, stumbles upon the mine in the Crags while fleeing from huge orcs who massacred his caravan; and meets the heroes who are already engaged in combat with troglodytes and kobolds within the mine.

8 Flamerule
The heroes kill drow slaver Da’treaal Achria from Menzoberranzan, liberating the dwarven copper mine from his reign of terror, and earn the trust and gratitude of the Rumblegut clan. Josef retains possession of the nobleborn drow’s personal effects including House Achria insignia and correspondence with his mother and sister.

The heroes help to clean and re-build the mine, spending nearly a month with their new friends. Argent leaves the company, deciding that the adventuring life is not for him after his near brush with death.

1 Elesias
Blessing of the Azure Runes takes place; feast in the Rumblegut hall. Stolz Eikenskald, dwarf ranger of Mirabar who came to help the Rumblegut clan after their liberation, decides to leave the dwarves to become an adventurer with his new companions.

6 Elesias
Heroes return to Doryn after an unfortunate incident on the road involving Nym and the Longsaddle militia.

7 Elesias
Torn, Nym and Dumiel head to Mirabar to meet Torn’s kinsman Hrolfgar. Artash, Stolz, and Josef set out towards the mountains to seek out the Burning Sage. Lord Arndor Baroghast of Doryn and the magistrate are aware of their quest, as is Llovira, a beautiful elf magical goods trader they met in the Raging Boar tavern and Artash was quite taken with.

8 Elesias
Artash, Stolz and Josef meet Cian of Guenduroc, a tiefling wizard, and together they outwit a troll. Later that day ascending into the mountains they encounter and kill a starving griffon and later some marauding orcs.

9 Elesias
The above-mentioned intrepid party enter the Burning Sage’s keep, which is located upon the para-elemental Plane of Magma, due to temporal anomalies between the Planes the days they spend there will be multiplied during their absence from Faerun. There they encounter numerous monsters, including a deranged fiendish bugbear, another vicious troll, and a troglodyte necromancer, and defeat them in battle. They befriend azers who later manage to return to their own plane, and eventually they learn the fate of Orestian, the Burning Sage, and the curse which now entraps all who enter his abode.

Nym, Torn and Dumiel arrive in Mirabar; Dumiel studies magic while Torn works as a caravan guard in Hrolfgar’s weapons business.

14 Elesias
Hrolfgar and his family are brutally murdered, only his young daughter Helga survives and is rescued from the burning building by Nym and Torn.

Learning that Luskanite thugs employed by Kurth, captain of the Bloody Hands gang, were responsible for the murders, Nym and Torn travel to Luskan to seek vengeance; they travel on the River Mirar on a barge carrying mithral.

21 Elesias
Having received a rough welcome in Luskan, Nym and Torn decide to join the Black Knives, a pirate gang led by Baram, one of Luskan’s five High Captains.

Meanwhile rumors abound that a mysterious plague has afflicted Neverwinter and the city is under quarantine.

22 Elesias
Baram gives Nym and Torn the task of investigating a lighthouse down the coast.

24 Elesias
The Rune-bearers have a terrifying dream in which a skeletal face in the sky appears to see their runes and send forth black monsters of some kind to hunt them.

25 Elesias
Nym, Torn and Dumiel arrive at the lighthouse and do battle with ghouls and goblins.
Having removed the curse from Orestian’s keep, three heroes depart while Cian remains there to learn the ways of the Burning Sage with Radinnal, Orestian’s former apprentice. Maelin, Orestian’s celestial ghaele consort, returns to her own demesne after rewarding the heroes with a mithral rod.

26 Elesias
The heroes slay a barghest and a green hag who had infested the lighthouse, and the remaining goblins flee. Nym initiates an amorous tryst with Sylvania, a half-elf druid who is also a Rune-bearer.

28 Elesias
Upon their return to Luskan, Captain Baram demands a cut of the loot, infuriating Nym.
The companions who travelled to Orestian’s keep return to Doryn and part ways for the moment; Stolz goes to Mirabar to see his kinsfolk there. Artash receives a letter from his brother Torn summoning him to Luskan to avenge Hrolfgar and leaves immediately overland. Josef spends a few days in town while a blacksmith crafts a mithral shield for him, then leaves for Luskan by boat along the River Mirar.

1 Eleint
Nym and Torn take part in a pirate boarding action by which the Black Knives intend to hurt Kurth’s shipping; the attack is led by Captain Gareth, one of Baram’s trusted cohorts; but the victims turn out to be members of another pirate gang. Baram is deeply troubled by High Captain Rethnor’s involvement in his rival Kurth’s operation, and decides he will push for a formal Council at the Captains’ Court later that month.

3 Eleint
Uthgardt invasion catches the North by surprise, including Josef, when the merchant barge he is traveling to Luskan upon is raided, but he manages to fight off the marauders and help the boat escape.

In Luskan, an unknown assassin strikes at night attempting to kill the companions, but the heroes fight back and slay him. A house is burned down in the fighting and Dumiel is arrested by the Thunder Fists patrolling the district.

4 Eleint
Nym and Torn bail Dumiel out of prison and pay compensation to the family who lost their house.

7 Eleint
Mirabar falls under siege from the Uthgardt confederation. Stolz befriends another dwarven warrior, Vargkom as they take up arms in the city militia along with other able-bodied male citizens, surface-dweller and dwarf alike.

Josef arrives in Luskan and meets his friends; they meet with Neurik and Aarin Gend who give them a quest in Port Llast, a town where Neverwinter and Luskan compete for influence; the party sets out for Port Llast the next day after Nym successfully obtains leave from the Black Knives.

11 Eleint
The Lords’ Alliance army, which had mustered secretly due to intelligence of the Uthgardt forming an invasion force, arrives to do battle and relieve the siege of Mirabar. Scouts of the Heartlands Stalwarts mercenary company discover a dark altar of Gruumsh high in the mountains. This heroic squad, led by Rand al’thor, a human ranger, accompanied by Bishop,a cleric, Aramelle, a wizard, Audrey, a Halfling thief, and Varg, a half-orc monk, manage to defeat a bugbear, hobgoblins, a vargouille and zombies, and destroy the altar only to find a vast horde of orcs marching down through the valley below…

Later during the retreat, Bishop disappears and is not seen again with the army.

12 Eleint
The Company of the Azure Runes (including Nym, Josef, and Dumiel) fights and kills owlbears and lizardfolk who attack them on the road to Port Llast over several days. They are aided by Akaila, a pragmatic ranger/druid who has no qualms killing prisoners.

Battle of Northsilver Crossing begins with an orc ambush on the 15th Waterdeep’s camp at night. Sygvard and Liam Grimsson help Rand’s squad to survive the battle and together they slay many orcs. Later Sir Halmar tasks them with a scouting mission.

14 Eleint
As the Battle of Northsilver Crossing rages on, Rand al’thor and his companions help the regiment to find an alternate river crossing and escape. They cut their way through scores of orcs and barbarians, and capture Tanta, an Uthgardt shaman of the Elk Tribe.

15 Eleint
The Company of the Azure Runes arrives and rests in Port Llast while preparing to speak with Commander Haeromos about the strange murders and lizardfolk sightings in recent times.

Meanwhile near Mirabar, in the aftermath of the weary and battered 15th Waterdeep Regiment’s “strategic withdrawal” from the ruined bridge at Northsilver Crossing, Rand al’Thor and his squad are singled out for special merits. Rand is promoted from Corporal to Sergeant by Baron Kastoros.

Additionally Sir Halmar, Knight Commander and acting colonel of the 15th, has applied to the Waterdeep high command that Rand al’Thor, the Grimsson brothers, Audrey Five-fingers, and Aramelle the wizard each receive a Waterdeep Star of Valor, a prestigious military decoration, for their efforts.

The 15th Waterdeep has now re-joined the main Lords’ Alliance army, 20,000 strong, in the Plains of Mirabar. The army is under the supreme command of Piergeiron Paladinson, one of Waterdeep’s highest lords, but also includes commanders and units from Baldur’s Gate, Elturel, Berdusk, Silverymoon, Doryn, Longsaddle, Daggerford, Leilon, Golden Fields, Irieabor and a few other small settlements. The absence of Neverwinter troops due to the ongoing Plague is much remarked, while Mirabar’s human and dwarf forces are unable to sally forth from their ramparts.

The high command has not yet revealed estimates of the numbers of Uthgardt and Orc enemies, perhaps they fear this knowledge would be bad for morale…

Battle is coming, it is only a matter of days now.

16 Eleint
Detail, see Varg’s Journal, Part Two: Bonedancers and Skylions
Varg rejoins his companions after days of cleaning latrines. Acting upon Sir Halmar’s orders, the squad now led by Sigvard confronts the traitor Bishop, who turns out to be a cleric of Bane, in the graveyard where he is raising undead. The party defeat the Banites and skeletons but Bishop escapes in the gloom of the night.

When they return to the camp, the orcs and Uthgardt make a coordinated assault. The Lords’ Alliance ranks hold fast and the adventurers fight like heroes, killing many foes.

Meanwhile in Port Llast, mysterious enemies including a cleric, a sorcerer, and a monster with petrifying gaze ambush the party and inflict grievous damage. The survivors are scattered and forced to flee. Josef witnesses the death of Akaila as the druidess attempts to confront the beast.

17 Eleint
It is early afternoon when the squad is ready to act again. Led by Sergeant Rand on a special mission, they head back to the Northsilver area where spies have informed Sir Halmar that an Uthgardt chieftain, Kralgar Bonesnapper, has been forced to ground after his griffon was wounded. But as they are fording the treacherous first crossing, one of Kralgar’s airborne bodyguards jumps them and though Audrey puts an arrow in the barbarian’s eye, the enraged griffon manages to kill Rand.

It takes the group some time to conceal the bodies and then they foolishly decide to rest; perhaps their grief led them to forget that time was fleeting. Kralgar has been rescued by the time they reach the outcropping of rocks where the griffon went down. They return to the camp before dawn and behold the army on the brink of disaster, after another combined attack caused grievous losses.

As Josef flees Port Llast, he is hunted by the enemy’s henchmen, but manages to disguise himself as a simple forester and make his way through the back roads and Neverwinter Wood, heading north to Doryn, intending to take refuge or make a stand at the Obsidian Keep where his friend Cian de Guenduroc is now residing.

18 Eleint
Detail, see Sigvard’s “The Siege of Mirabar”
Sigvard together with Sir Halmar and Jeric Wolfslayer, the shaman of the friendly Sky Pony tribe, hatch a desperate scheme. Along with Audrey, Liam, and Aramelle, he infiltrates the Uthgardt horde’s camp in disguise, speaking Illuskan as if he were a barbarian and finding an ally in Kierkrad Seventoes, wiseman of the Thunderbeast. Audrey manages to steal evidence from Gundaric’s command tent, exposing him as an agent of the Cult of the Dracolich, a secret worshipper of Bane, and a Luskanite master of deception who has fooled the gullible tribes into believing him a prophet of Uthgar. The heroes present the evidence to the tribal shamans, who deliberate late into the night.

19 Eleint
Kierkrad Seventoes and the others confront Gundaric in the open as he is attempting to rally the barbarian masses once again with religious and xenophobic rhetoric. Pandemonium ensues as nobody knows what to believe and the shamans call for a trial, but in the chaos, two marksmen assassinate Gundaric with poisoned bolts, crying out “victory for Mirabar and the Lords’ Alliance!”

Now, Kralgar Bonesnapper and Zokan Thunderer, the two most bellicose chieftains, incite the larger part of the horde into a frenzy and move to attack Mirabar immediately. But some of the smaller tribes decide to withdraw or even to join forces with the Lords’ Alliance against the orcish threat.

Amid the chaos, the heroes manage to steal a boat by wiping out the ten Griffon warriors preparing to board, and row towards Mirabar to take part in the desperate fighting. They reach the bridges linking the Lower and Upper city and help to hold off the attackers while civilians from the burning Lower side flee to safety. In this epic combat Sigvard and his companions rally the beleaguered defenders of Mirabar to new courage and heroism.
That night, the Second Blessing of the Azure Runes occurs as the gods awaken more of their champions to face the coming storm.

20 Eleint
Upon reaching Doryn, Josef the cleric of Oghma finds the people of the city preparing to evacuate, as rumors are spreading that Mirabar is doomed and the Lords’ Alliance army has been utterly destroyed.

(Detail, see Audrey’s The Tale of the Fight for Mirabar)
Meanwhile in Mirabar, Sigvard, Audrey and Liam join forces to aid the city’s defense. Audrey, while sharing a cask of ale he bought from the Sign of the Hammer with some soldiers, learns of a powerful wizard Taglaronden. They meet with Bishop Narran at the city’s Diocese of Tyr, who introduces them to Stolz and Vargkom; the two dwarves had come on an errand from the shrine of Moradin.

The party encounter Marchioness Arianna Raurym, ruler of Mirabar, and her marshal Fenther, commander of the Axes. He instructs Sigvard to join Captain Praven in defense of the northern wall.

At dawn, the barbarian assault begins. Liam unleashes the fury of nature to destroy a siege tower as Sigvard’s valor rallies the defenders to beat back countless assaults. Audrey manages to sneak into an occupied gatehouse and pour boiling oil on a ram below. The heroes defeat several of the Black Ravens’ elite airborne troops and retake the gatehouse. Yet it is in vain as a great explosion echoes across the parapets: sappers have breached the wall.

In a last stand at the blast site, the clerics of Tyr and Moradin are seen to don their battle armor and fight alongside the soldiers and adventurers. The companions hold the line, taking grievous wounds. Sigvard comes close to dying from the crushing blow of an Elk champion’s hammer but Lord Tyr suddenly channels the Rune-power to give the paladin divine strength, divine speed, and a Holy Avenger blade. Against this awesome power, the horde cannot stand, and the Uthgardt retreat.

Still they are not beaten! Another massive wave prepares for assault on the breach. The heroes prepare to die fighting and bid each other farewell. But then the army of Waterdeep suddenly appears, having scattered the orc horde! Sir Halmar leads the Guards in a thundering cavalry charge and mows down the Uthgardt like wheat through a scythe, driving them in a red rout.

Halmar’s tidings are grim: Unmasked Lord of Waterdeep Peregrin Paladinson has been slain in a great duel with Nazrog, warlord of the orcs. The army’s losses have been catastrophic, including many of the senior leadership. And the orcs are regrouping.

The orcs form ranks to storm the defenses but finally a relief expedition from Mithral Hall arrives and strikes the last blow needed. Mirabar gives itself over to celebration of survival, mourning, and healing over the next several days.

23 Eleint
Cian of Guenduroc arrives in town and shares some discoveries he has made in reading the legendary Orestian’s papers, including news of a mighty paladin Berutars who is still alive after centuries of solitude. But Sigvard refuses to consort with this tiefling, the very spawn of hell, and storms off in a rage. Audrey, meanwhile, wins some fame with the local establishment using his rogue’s tricks and even wins an audience with Arianna Raurym herself.

The Marchioness offers the heroes each a reward for their heroic actions: the smiths of Mirabar shall craft them weapons and armor worthy of their courage to be finished in one week’s time.

24 Eleint
Stolz and Cian convince Audrey to depart with them for Doryn to re-join Josef. Sigvard undergoes initation rites at the Diocese to become an ordained Knight of the Merciful Sword, a member of Tyr’s elite fighting order, and meanwhile trains new recruits who wish to form a religious militia.

26 Eleint
Having defeated some monstrous bandits on the Long Road, the heroes arrive once again in Doryn, the dusty backwater where it all began. Audrey and Liam formally join the Company of the Runes, and Josef attempts to persuade them all to head to Luskan to work with Neverwinter’s spymaster, Aarin Gend, and expose the Archmage of the Hosttower as a threat to the peace and security of the North.

Meanwhile in Mirabar, Aramelle and Sigvard are met by a messenger of the Thunderbeast tribe, who gives them a magical belt. Aramelle takes it to Doryn.

28 Eleint
The heroes are summoned to an audience with Count Arndor Baroghast, Lord of Doryn, who gives them a quest to investigate rumors of an evil curse in the Valley of Thrond. Their new companion, Lavanth, proceeds to insult the Lord and get the entire party expelled from the town.

29 Eleint
The party led by Josef sets out for Thrond. It takes them nearly a week to reach the valley.

5 Marpenoth
Josef, Audrey, Stolz, Aramelle and Lavanth reach Thun, a small hamlet on the outskirts of the Throndvale, and hear a frightened refugee’s tale of the strange curse that has turned most of the town’s inhabitants into undead skeletons.

Meanwhile in Mirabar, Sigvard tells Liam that the evil cleric Bishop has re-established himself in a fortress called Dol Carathil in the Spine of the World Mountains. He gives his half-brother the task of storming the fortress and defeating the Banites, in order to reclaim this ancient Illuskan stronghold for usage by the Company of the Azure Runes.

6 Marpenoth
On the forest trail to Thrond, the heroes defeat Sir Waltherus, a boastful ogre. They spend the night in Bregentz, the last of the hamlets before Thrond. The next night, while camping outdoors the adventurers are attacked by The Wild Man, a bloodthirsty werewolf, but manage to slay him. The following day they reach Thrond but choose to rest another night and recover their strength before entering the cursed town.

9 Marpenoth
The heroes begin exploring the town, which is populated only by undead skeletons. In the following days they explore a Wizard’s Tower nearby, defeat a band of Dragon Cultists, and bury their friend Aramelle, who is slain by another werewolf they attempted to save from his disease.

12 Marpenoth
Finally, Josef and his friends are able to end the curse when they destroy the mythic Totentanz Gate and slay the Wraith King, the ghost of a depraved cleric who was creating the undead menace. They rescue the Lady Gudrun Talluth, Baroness of Thrond, who rewards them generously.

Meanwhile near Mirabar, Liam and his companions— the dwarven warrior Vargkam, the aasimar wizardress Nathai, the halfling paladin Faraday, and two elves, Kryjek and Ryithon, along with a few human hired blades— begin their assault on Dol Carathil.

They succeed in breaching the defenses and slaying the Orcish garrison along with their minotaur taskmasters, but are driven back by the hydra in the courtyard. They withdraw down the mountain with a few rescued captives they found within the fort.

The evil cleric Bishop pursues them, however, with a strong force of undead, and many of the party flee rather than fight. Liam, Vargkam and the two elves stand their ground. Vargkam and Kryjek are slain, but then Nym Moondown arrives having followed their tracks from Mirabar and helps the survivors to vanquish the Bane-priest.

17 Marpenoth
Stolz, Josef, Audrey and Stubbs return to Doryn with the Baroness and her entire treasury. Audrey tells the falsehood that he has killed Lavanth and collects half of a 100 gold bounty put out for the elf’s arrest. There is fanfare and feasting in the Lord of Doryn’s hall at the heroes’ return.

18 Marpenoth
Josef asks the Lord of Doryn for assistance in rebuilding the Temple of Oghma in Mirabar; the hard-pressed noble reluctantly agrees to provide material support and laborers.

20 Marpenoth
Josef encounters unexpected delays in getting the raw materials for his temple. Audrey, Stolz and Stubbs set out on their own for Mirabar, but even as they depart the gates of Doryn, they are met by an exhausted, bedraggled party of the survivors of the Dol Carathil raid. Liam and Nym persuade the other three to return with them to the fort and defeat the hydra and any remaining Banite presence. They pass another night in Doryn to re-supply.

21 Marpenoth
On the road north, the Azure Riders encounter a large band of roving deserters from several armies, the “Free Brothers,” but easily defeat them and kill their fearsome leader.

24 Marpenoth
The heroes arrive at Dol Carathil and find the cryohydra has broken free of its chains. They defeat it with great effort.

25 Marpenoth
After recovering from their battle with the many-headed monster, the party decides to explore the Illuskan catacombs in the mountainside behind the fort. At Bishop’s makeshift altar to the Black Hand they find an evil tome, the “Life and Deeds of Exalted Algashon” and Stubbs begins to study it as the party is holed up at Dol Carathil for 2 days in a massive blizzard.

27 Marpenoth
Sigvard arrives at Dol Carathil with 5 Tyrran warriors, having barely survived the snowstorm. The party return to the catacombs and do battle with dire rats, an ettin, orcs, and a vampire spawn. Despite their valor, they are grievously wounded by several traps which the retreating Banites had left behind them. Deep in the catacombs, they find an ancient portal, and Stubbs rashly decides to jump into it. Sigvard and Audrey follow to save their friend, while Nym and Stolz stay behind and wait to see what happens.

After defeating a reception party of Banites, the adventurers discover they are in Luskan, and their friends decide to join them, including Liam who Nym summoned from the fort.

Stubbs and Audrey head to Luskan’s famous pleasure-house, the Wink and Tickle, and spend the night there in decadent revelry. The others, meanwhile head across town toward the Cutlass, an inn run by Orland, who is secretly working with Neverwinter spies. However the Black Knives pirates are clearly following and watching them. Orland becomes upset with Nym, who leaves to hide nearby and waits for Torn Paiso to come meet him. Meanwhile Orland gives Sigvard and Stolz the secret method of entering the hidden Tyrran chapel in Luskan, where Neurik welcomes them and allows them to rest.

28 Marpenoth
In the morning, Sigvard and Stolz retrieve their halfling and gnome friends, but they are unable to find Nym. They return to Neurik and also meet Aarin Gend, a Neverwinter spymaster. The adventurers brief them on their discoveries about the Cult of the Dracolich and its dark plans for the North. The pair request the Azure Riders to formally enlist with Neverwinter’s clandestine service.

Nym meets with Torn and asks him to betray the Black Knives from within, showing up every 3 days at the Heron’s Claw to provide information.

29 Marpenoth
Nym discovers that his companions have found the secret Tyrran chapel and makes his way there via the Beggar’s Stone. The party accept Neverwinter’s offer and become covert agents. In the streets of Luskan, they confront some of the Black Knives and wipe out a squad of were-rat men. They witness further fighting between the Black Knives and Bloody Hands.

30 Marpenoth
The party return to the Ruins of Old Illusk and battle some undead and a powerful ghost. They discover a burial chamber with a shrine to a long-dead God of Death.

1 Uktar
Aarin Gend tasks the party with the rescue of Thordred, a mage who has fled from the Arcane Brotherhood, in the hopes that he will help them explore the arcane Portals. Sigvard and Liam do not join because Aarin gives them another combat mission. They find the wizard but in an ill-fated encounter with some Bloody Hands, Stolz is killed as Nym and Astaroth retreat from battle, leaving the dwarf behind. Audrey manages to survive only by hiding and watches in fury as the pirate toughs loot his friend of most of the heroes’ valuables contained in a Bag of Holding. He is later able to return with Stolz’s body to the Temple of Tyr.

2 Uktar
The heroes explore the Portals beneath the Ruins of Illusk and discover where many of them lead, but have not yet completed their investigation.

In the evening upon their return to base, Sigvard and Nym have an angry exchange over fault for the death of Stolz, while Torn calls for vengeance upon Captain Kurth.

3 Uktar
Nym forsakes his allegiance to the Rune-bearer’s path and Astaroth follows his lead. As soon as their words of renunciation are uttered, the magical Runes are stripped from their bodies by the divine will of Corellon Larethian. Neurik explains that this was an act of the deity’s mercy, as they never had enough faith in the holy mission to prevail and would not have survived the corrupting forces of darkness had they continued in the Quest.

Aarin Gend having received urgent summons from Neverwinter, has the pair of former Rune-bearers travel with him to fight false priests who have been responsible for spreading the plague. They bid farewell to their erstwhile companions. Torn tells Nym to prove that he does not lack for courage and “avenge my brother or die trying.”

Aarin leaves Sigvard in command, telling him to fight on at all costs. Later that morning the paladin and Torn lead the others through the sewers and emerge at the Docks to stake out Kurth’s flagship where he is believed to hold court. They find a nearby abandoned warehouse and then teleport back to the chapel to plan their attack.

At night Torn visits Captain Baram and announces his intention to attack Kurth, with the help of his “mercenary friends,” and claim the bounty on his head. Baram and the other Black Knives laud him and drink to his bravery, agreeing to stage a diversionary assault on Bloody Hand positions. Torn then excuses himself and teleports back to the temple.

4 Uktar
The day is spent staking out Kurth’s vessel, Bloodspiller, and preparing for the coming desperate battle.

5 Uktar
The assault begins just after midnight. Sigvard and Torn, cloaked in Dust of Disappearance, steal up the gangplank onto Bloodspiller, and slay the sentries on deck. Thordred the mage blasts scores of pirates to death with powerful evocation spells as they rush to the defense. The heroes descend into the hull and Torn slays Kurth in single combat as the others defeat his treacherous followers.

The remaining Bloody Hands swear allegiance to Torn as the new High Captain and he sets sail with their remnants, many having been slain or taken prisoner by the Black Knives. The others return to the Temple of Tyr with a rich haul of pirates’ treasure.

7 Uktar
The heroes have rested and sorted the spoils of their victory, and Stolz has been raised from the dead, the necessary costs having been obtained. Now a new task is at hand. Neurik tells them that Baram has been seen meeting at the Captains’ Court with an envoy from the Host Tower, and says that they must meet with him under the pretense of claiming the bounty for Kurth, to discern the meeting’s result and the last High Captain’s intentions.

At the meeting in his den, Baram gives the Azure Riders the blood money for Kurth but then tries to assassinate them in league with Cult of the Dragon agents. In the desperate combat, Sigvard slays several demons and were-rats with his enchanted sword, and Baram flees never to be seen again.

Bloody from the fight, the heroes return to the chapel and briefly discuss their next move. They decide that the Host Tower must be stormed now; there is no time to lose. They use their fake seal to breach the magic defenses and push inside, but trigger the alarms and face a powerful array of armored guards and iron golems in the courtyard. The Rune-bearers snatch another victory from the jaws of defeat and withdraw once more, exhausted in resources and strength, to Tyr’s temple.

8 Uktar
After a full rest, the five companions return to the Host Tower: Sigvard, Liam, Audrey, Thordred and Stolz. They storm the inner defenses and slay many Banites and undead. Finally they reach the tower’s summit and face a young Dracolich. Sigvard’s Holy Avenger sword slays the monster and then they descend into the private chambers of the Archmage himself. The lich-mage unleashes his fell wrath and Liam and Thordred are both nearly killed, but finally the heroes manage to vanquish Vanamoroth and destroy his phylactery.

In the end the Rune-bearers have succeeded in their task and are hailed as great heroes throughout the land. For further reading see the DM’s work “In the aftermath…”

Campaign History of Events

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