Luskan Burning- Stolz journal

The halls of the secret temple of Tyr were lit by magical flames that shed cold light through the halls. With a flash of light the heroes of the purple runes appeared near in the teleportation circle. All looked a bit torn by the last battle that could have easily taken another turn if the bravery of the bard Stubbs hadn’t saved the day. Stolz even he didn’t appear to be injured looked especially down. He had almost had the lives of his friends on his conscience and felt more than uneasy.

Neurik the dwarven cleric of Tyr has waited for the group and tended to the wounds of the heroes. “Good to see you made it back. Aarin is waiting for you. Did you bring any new information? What was the situation?”

Sigvard stepped forward wearing his axe on the back, one hand on the heavy shield and the other on the hilt of his dagger. “This was really close and we could not find out too much. The northern part of the city still doesn’t look better as yesterday. In the ruins we could get very far. They are infested with undead. A ghost has possessed good Stolz here, but we managed to survive somehow.”

Neurik’s answer was concerned “Whatever you do, be careful with what you find and take. It’s possible that the arch-wizard is placing valuable items for you to find and may have prepared them with evil magic to ensnare you. Right now our magical protection at this temple is strong, but that could change. Don’t take anything that is suspicious. We cannot afford to fail in this mission.”

“We will be careful.” Nym the elven archer said. “But now we need to rest and regain our strength.”

Shortly after they entered the room they have used for the last couple of days they met Audrey, had some bread and soup, and sat down to discuss the further strategy.

“What now?” Nym said. “Clearly in the ruins are powers that are exceeding ours and we are not sure if there will be anything bringing us closer to the arch mage. I suggest we get back to my plan and playing the two pirates against each other. You will need to meet with Torn to understand that this is the necessary step. Also the rip to the northern city was not that fruitful. We basically wasted a day for a few provisions we could have gotten else were. The smithy was dead any everything, including your Ogmar shield, but for a few ingots of silver and cold iron stolen that we already gave to Neurik. All good people have left town and nailed up their houses. The inn keeper recognised me though my disguise when I was looking for the black market that was run by the Nightrunners Thieves Guild. At least it wasn’t run by any of the pirate factions, but what they had was little and overpriced. We were lucky that the guards at the bridge were in a fight and we could trick them to flee by making them think we are bloody hands reinforcements.”

“That is not all true” Sir Sigvard said. “We know now that a lot of the Black Knives have been infected with lycanthropy and we gained silver weapons to fight them. I think that was worth going there.”

“It was as good as suicide at the barricade in the streets,” the elf countered. “You need to listen to me when I advise retreat. There is no one here knowing Luskan better than me. The Black Knives’ reinforcements could have been there any second and if it wasn’t for the Dire Wolf you brother conjured, they would be chewing on our bones.”

Liam, the half orc druid tending to his wolf only mentioned “They won’t beat us in 100 years. Not with me and my brother here. Right, Fluff?” The wolf made half grumbling, half howling sound obviously confirming the words of his master.

“We should proceed exploring the ruins. There is still so much to learn there which will probably help us defeating Vanamoroth.” this time it was Stubbs who came to word. “We can take care of the Ghouls and Ghosts as long as we work together” He was tuning his mandolin. Ruins filled with ancient knowledge are an irresistible attraction to a gnomish bard.

Finally Stolz said something directed to Audrey, who in his usual guarded manner, had said nothing so far. “Fingers, we need ye in this! The ghost we fought took power over me and I almost killed everyone. Yer blade and wits are absolutely crucial. We know Neverwinter is not yer favourite place on Faerun and ye are not even a rune bearer for as far as ye say, but please join the company again. What will ye say?” He thought about adding some tales of hidden gold to give him the necessary push of motivation, but he can’t lie well to his friend.

Luskan Burning- Stolz journal

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