Nym Moondown

Male moon elf rogue/scout


From the Cormanthor Forest, closer to central northern Faerun (the Dalelands, Cormyr region). Worships Corellon Larethian, Lord of Elvenkind.

Nym is an enigma to his companions, who have thus far been unable to scratch the surface of his complex elven personality. What is clear is that he is an outcast of some kind with a troubled past. He has a fierce nobility and wild courage but lacks in social graces (or perhaps thinks non-elvenkind unworthy of his manners?). A chaotic opportunist, he is skillful and takes the initiative in dangerous situations, and for this his fellows value him dearly, even if they do not understand his motivation to the risky adventuring life.
Nym’s Stats
Str. 11
Dex. 18
Con. 12
Int. 14
Wis. 10
Chr. 10
rogue 3/ scout 2/ transmuter (wizard) 2
HP. 32 ( haven’t rolled 7th lv. HP yet) AC: 19
for. 6 ref. 11 will. 5 XP.23,026
forbiden schools necromancy & illusion
feats luck of hero’s, point blank shot, precise shot, scribe scroll, alertness*
Nym has a Rat familar

Appraise: 2/4, Balance 9, Bluff 5, Climb 3, Concentration 1, Diplomacy 2, Disable device 12,
Disguise 1/3, Escape artist 10, Hide 12, Intimidate 2, Jump 7, knowledge local (north) 3, Knowledge arcana 4, knowledge geography 3, knowledge nature 5, knowledge dungeenering 3, listen 4, move silent 12, open lock 11, ride 5, search 12, spellcraft 4, spot 10, Survival 1, swim 1, tumble 14, use rope 4/6

notable possesions
Nym’s spellbook: (all PHB Olv. except forbiden schools)
1lv: Charm person, Distract assailant, expeditious retreat, mage armor, magic weapon, obscuring mist, sniper’s shot, true strike, reduce person, feather fall, protection from evil, hail of stone

Type I Bag of holding
wand of lightning ( 6 charges)
wand of magic missile (CL 3) (10 charges)
+1 leather armor
Dwarven forged masterwork longsword
masterwork buckler
disguise kit( 9 uses)
climbers kit
scent breaker x2
anti toxin
acid flask
master work thieves tools
merchants scales
scroll of expeditious retreat (cl 1)
potion of cure moderate wounds
“ghost touched +1 ( I assume) dagger”
longbow & 12 masterwork arrows + 19 silver arrows and 27 regular arrows
2 other low level spell books (recovered from the dead npcs)
2 gems (malachite & Phenalope)


from Cormanthor forest

Nym Moondown

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